Kodama Koi Food

Kodama Koi Food

Kodama Koi Farm = The biggest user of Kodama Koi Food.

Kodama Koi Farm grows up to 60,000 Koi at their 10-acre farm. To assure the health and beauty of these Koi, what to feed and how to feed are key factors. No compromise is ever made in the process.

As Mr. Kodama says, “There wasn’t a Koi food that satisfied my needs---and so I made this for myself in order to raise beautiful Japanese Koi at my farm.”

Tens of thousands of Koi raised at Kodama Koi Farm are living proof of the excellent quality of Kodama Koi Food.
The Latest Technology
The production of Kodama Koi Farm food is being done on the newest model of twin type extruder. This machine expertly handles all the ingredients and manufactures food that is outstanding for its digestive and absorption performance. The twin extruder kneads the ingredients extremely well perfecting the floating capabilities of the Koi food, which in turn helps to keep the water clean & healthy. After all, it is all for the beauty of your Koi.
New Look

The year 2012 brings a new look to the food pellets. With improved manufacturing processes, we are able to produce a more solid Wheat Germ pellet that will give your koi a fuller feeding. Also due to improved manufacturing techniques, the shiny coating that was used to hold the ColorUp pellets together have now been removed allowing for an even faster absorbtion rate. Your koi will benefit from the same great ingredients that have always been used to produce Kodama Koi Food — the same great food that Kodama Koi Farm has always used to raise the highest quality koi from Japan.

Wheat Germ
New Wheat Germ pellets
Color Up pellets
New Color Up pellets
Wheat Germ
Old Wheat Germ pellets
Color Up pellets
Old Color Up pellets

New Pellet Sizes

Both Wheat Germ and Color Up now come in two sizes: Medium size pellets (.6 cm) for koi 6" or larger, and Large size pellets (1 cm) for koi 16" or larger.

Color Up pellets
Wheat Germ pellets
Wheat Germ
Color Up pellets
FRESH Wheat Germ
Wheat germ oil is widely known and used as human health food. The remaining defatted wheat germ is usually used as an ingredient for Koi food. Kodama Koi Food, however, uses the FRESH wheat germ before the oil is extracted. It keeps your Koi healthy and improves its beautiful skin. Kodama Koi Food makes 100% use of what wheat germ can offer unlike other foods.
Top Quality Spirulina
Used in Kodama Koi Food Color Up

Compared to Chlorella, Spirulina (floating micro algae) is more digestible. It has (60 – 70%) higher protein and a thinner cell wall. Therefore, Spirulina is widely known and used as a nutritional supplement of a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and more.

In aquaculture, Spirulina is recognized to improve immunity and flesh quality, but it is more commonly used to enhance colors with various carotenoids in it. Especially in Koi, Spirulina is mainly used to enhance red.

Productions of Spirulina greatly varies with climate. Carotenoids level of Spirulina changes by climates with the range of 1000 to 5000 ppm. Just like the other ingredients, no compromise is made in selecting Spirulina. Only 4000 ppm or higher Spirulina has been used to produce Kodama Koi Food Color Up. It assures your satisfaction to maximize the beauty of your Koi.
Fishmeal and the other ingredients
Fishmeal, the main ingredient, is also strictly examined to assure the lowest Histamine and Ethoxyquin, which may cause health problem in Koi. Also, vitamins and minerals are added upon careful examination on the nutritious demand for Koi, and properly mixed in the consideration of preservation.
Bio Stone
Bio Stone is mineral with silicon aluminum as its main proportion. It not only acts to keep good Koi healthy but also helps maintain good water quality by absorbing ammonia.

Feeding Guide For Your Koi
  • Yellow color indicates water temperature that Koi can be fed
  • Food amount each time is as much as Koi can finish within 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Soluble vitamins can be quickly dissolved in water. This will pollute water and cause the loss of the nutrition. Please make sure there are no leftovers in the water.
Storage Guide for Kodama Koi Food

Kodama Koi Food is packed in an aluminum bag. The quality is stable for three years following the time of manufacture.

Once opened, please store the food in a cool and dry place.

Repackage the food into a smaller portion (about a day) to feed your Koi.

Please avoid sunlight. Direct sunlight may compromise the ingredients.

Ingredients Data
Kodama Koi Food Crude Protein


Wheat Germ 38% 15% 4% 15% 11%
Color Up 38% 15% 4% 15% 11%
Item #
Wheat Germ 2.2lb
$ 29.00
Wheat Germ 4.4lb
$ 40.00
Color Up 2.2lb
$ 42.00
Color Up 4.4lb
$ 60.00
Wheat Germ 11lb
$ 95.00
Color Up 11 lb
$ 129.50
Wheat Germ 22lb
$ 170.00
Color Up 22lb
$ 225.00