Choosing the right water pump for your Koi pond can make all the difference in the world.New England koi carries a wide selection of pond pumps

In order to maintain a healthy environment for your Koi pond or water garden, you must run your water pump through your filter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Naturally it is important to pick the right water pump for your Koi pond or water garden.

When choosing a pump, whether it be a Submersible Pump or a Dry Surface Pump be sure that the pump that you are thinking about buying will do the job properly.

For example: If your pond has 5,000 gallons capacity then you need a pump that will deliver a minimum of 2,500 gph (half the capacity of your pond) so that the water in your pond turns over once every 2 hours. A higher turn-over of one and a half times an hour is preferred.

Whether you have a preformed or a liner pond, a pond pump is a paramount component of any water feature.

Submersible pond pumps can be placed directly in the pond and require relatively little installation. They are free of distracting noise, and for smaller ponds, can easily be utilized to drain your pond (if you hook up a hose to the output flow).

Submersible Pond Pumps are sized by gallons per hour (GPH) output at either zero or one foot of lift or height.

Submersible pumps are best suited to small to medium sized ponds with roughly 200 - 800 gallons of water. These are often the best choice because they connect easily to most of the submersible filters that are available for small to medium sized ponds.

Flow rates range from 250 GPH to as high as 4,100 GPH for a larger waterfall pump. Generally, the ideal pump will circulate the total volume of the pond at least once per hour. For example, if you pond is 500 gallons, you would want to go with at least a 500 GPH pump.

Submersible pumps refer to models of pond pump designed specifically to be installed entirely beneath the surface of the water and are usually placed in the deepest part of the pond.

ground fault circuit interrupterBe sure to check the cord length when choosing a submersible pond pump to ensure that it will reach your electric outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Installing a submersible pump is typically very simple. Just place the pump and filter (if applicable) in the water.

Maintenance on a submersible pond pump is less convenient than on an external pump as the submersible pump must be pulled from the water routinely to clean its pre-filter or screen.

The unobtrusiveness of submersible pond pumps allows them to be used in pond designs that incorporate more natural settings, as you do not have to hide or camouflage the pump. Submersible pond pumps also run quietly and will not disturb any outdoor activities.

Submersible pond pumps can be placed directly in the pond or into a skimmer box.