Adding lights to your pond enhance its beauty. You can light your pond from underwater, showcase a waterfall, or light-up some of the foliage surrounding your pond. We have several options for you to choose from.

Whether you want to illuminate the water in order to enjoy the fish, or create an atmosphere of mystery, underwater pond lighting provides several options.

UnderWater Pond Lighting

Watching the fish, and their underwater, nighttime activities, you become almost mesmerized, not unlike staring into a blaze of a bonfire. It’s interesting to watch how busy the fish remain late into the night. From fall, through late spring, when daylight hours are shorter, lights in your pond make all of this possible.

A soft, even, surface glow can be created by using non-directional lighting. Floating plants and water lilies create particularly attractive pictures in this light.

Underwater pond lights and spotlights can be used to create the same shimmering reflection on surrounding walls and fences that aboveground spotlights do. Project the light through the surface of the water onto the wall.

Waterfalls are especially attractive lit from within. While highlighting the waterfalls with outside lighting is attention grabbing, placing the light under the water, behind the falls, enhances the mystical, relaxing atmosphere.

LED pond lighting is now available! The brilliant white LED's have up to a 100,000 hour life expectancy and never need new light bulbs! Imagine with LED pond lighting, there will be no more wading into your pond to replace burned out bulbs!

Under Water Lighting and LEDs available at New England Koi