New England Koi Food

New England Koi Food
New England Koi FoodNew England Koi Food

This diet is simply a mixture of the mini and large pellet growth foods. Designed for pond owners with mixed sizes of fish in their ponds. Packaged in 8lb Re-useable containers. Mini pellet size is 1/8" and large pellet size is 3/16".

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein not less than 36% Crude fat not less than 6%
Crude fiber not more than 5% Phosphorus ℗ not less than 0.75%
Ash not more than 8.50%
Item #
3 Lb All Season
$ 19.99
8lb NEKOI Food -All Season
$ 49.99
8lb NEKOI Premium Koi Food
$ 69.99