Not all Koi foods are created equal. Saki-Hikari Koi Food is widely regarded as the highest quality Koi food on the market today and is used by Japan's top Koi breeders.

Saki-Hikari Growth Koi Food was specifically developed for raising jumbo Koi. Saki-Hikari has the proper levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. It also contains a completely balanced combination of proteins. fats and carbohydrates. Finally, the inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms promotes improved digestion and waste reduction. For the championship body your Koi deserve and you crave, feed Saki-Hikari Growth.

Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Koi Food is a daily diet for show koi offering superior assimilation, growth & color-enhancing properties even in the colder weather months. Rich in easily digested ingredients, including a select portion of the wheat-germ kernel offering accelerated digestion and steady growth even when water temperatures are cooler (below 15oC/58oF). Includes pure-cultured spirulina to help your koi develop and maintain the brilliant color you desire without negatively impacting the Shiroji (white areas).

Saki-Hikari Color is a premium color-enhancing Koi food for helping to maintain brilliantly colored Koi. Saki-Hikari Color also promotes vivid koi coloration without affecting the white areas of Koi, thus helping to preserve overall beauty. Thanks to it's highly digestible formulation, Saki-Hikari Color also significantly reduces impact on pond water quality.

Item #
42204 W
Color Enhancing 4.4lb/2kg
$ 54.79
42284 W
Growth 4.4lb /2kg
$ 59.06
42364 W
Multi-Season 4.4lb / 2kg
$ 61.50
42288 W
Growth 33lb /15kg
$ 283.99
42208 W
Color Enhancing 33lb/15kg
$ 296.99
42368 W
Multi-Season 33lb / 15kg
$ 330.99