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Why Quarantine new Koi

By: Steve Knowles

Adding a new fish to your pond is not without risk. Placing your new addition into a quarantine tanks is the most effective way to avoid contamination of your existing fish and will aide in surfacing any sleeping infections. Why Quarantine new Koi?

A quarantine tank should maintain a temperature of a minimum 16 degrees Celsius or 61 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

The warmer water speeds up the life cycle of parasites and any infections will show themselves much quicker. New fish should be maintained in quarantine for a minimum of 21 days. One month is preferred. Feeding the quarantined fish should be kept to a minimum if at all during active treatment for parasites or infection.

The tank should be placed in a dark and peaceful environment with a cover or net over it. The tank needs to have good filtration and aeration. This will help keep the water as pristine as possible.

If treatment for disease or parasites is needed it is far more effective in the quarantine tank than treating the entire pond. This keeps the medication isolated to the fish in need.

Every fish should be quarantined whether you suspect illness or not. Any new fish can bring any number of different diseases with them from their previous tank/ponds.

A precautionary quarantine treatment should be 24 hours in the quarantine tank with no meds. Begin a 3 day pro-form c treatment changing out 75-90% of the water daily. On day 5 add Liquid Prazi-pro in the recommended dosage and do no further water changes.

7 days after the initial treatment it can be repeated if necessary. At this time any parasites or infection will have shown themselves. Do not salt the water of your quarantine tank during this process.

Salt and medications do not react well and can kill your fish. If you maintain a salt level in your main pond slowly begin to raise the salt level in your quarantine tank after the 1 month holding period until the tank and your pond are at the same level. Then you can transfer your fish into the main pond.