Our complete line of PVC Valves

3 and 2 Way Valves

These valves can replace several valves and fittings in many applications. These valves have "teflon impregnated" seals which makes turning the handle much easier. Withstands pressure up to 240...(click on product image for more details)

Check Valves

Check Valves limit the flow of water to one direction. This prevents water from flowing backwards or backing up into your pump or filter. Priming pumps is much easier if a check valve is installed on...(click on product image for more details)

Economical Single Union Ball Valves

These valves are great for most pond applications and are priced right.

Economy Ball Valves

Ball Valves are ideally used as a union where a disconnection is requied in your PVC piping. This may be used as a disconnect to allow access to your pump, filter, or reservoir to allow for easy maintenance

PVC Gate Valves

Gate valves are the popular choice for open or close applications in low pressure situations. 1.7

Single Union Ball Valve

These high-quality ball valves allow disconnection of lines without fear of retainer-ring or ball moving. The retainer-ring is locked with two pins to the body. PVC with EPDM O-rings and polyethylene seats.

PVC Valves

These Single Union Ball Valves are not quite up to the quality standards of our SUBV series but are quite satisfactory for most pond applications.