Alpine Floating Fountain

Alpine Floating Fountain SPRAYS water into the air creating a soothing sight and relaxing atmosphere adding vitality to an ordinary landscape. Livens up an ordinary pond or pool, a definite conversational piece to make any home event a success!

Adding a fountain will not only improve the health of your system but also add grace and beauty. The addition of lights will add to your enjoyment far into the evening.

What could be better than combining a great fountain with lights? Watching the fountain "Dance" as you absorb the radiating beautiful colors at the same time can be breath taking.

You can use lighting to enhance the beauty of your water feature and yard, improve safety, and extend your enjoyment throughout the evening hours.

Lights can be positioned below the surface of the water for an iridescent effect, and around your pond to highlight its pathways, attractive plantings and water features.

Item #
Alpine Floating Fountain
$ 343.28