Savio LED Pond Lights

Savio Pond, Waterfall and Semi-Aqueous Environment Lights

Savio LED Lighting - New Technology!

Saves money and energy!

50,000 hour bulb life

Can be used in or out of water

Ideal for waterfalls and semi-aqueous environments. LED lights emit almost no heat, are incredibly energy-efficient, and deliver remarkable brightness and longevity. One year warranty (excludes bulb, sleeve, and o-ring). 20' cord.

Available in two sizes: Small 17 Led Diodes 6.5 watts. Large 19 Diodes 7.5 watts

Item #
Savio LED Small 17 Diode 6.5 watt
$ 74.95
Savio LED Large 19 LED Diodes 7.5watts
$ 82.95
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