Atlantic Pump Vaults

Waterfalls and Streams are a great addition to any landscape. There are few yard improvements that can equal the beauty and tranquility of a water features. The site and relaxing sound of running water has attracted people since the beginning of time and will likely attract people until the end of time. We spend thousands of dollars vacationing simply to unwind from stressful and chaotic lives. Almost always our destination includes water, whether it be an ocean, lake, stream or other. A similar paradise can be created in any yard with the added benefit of creating a perfect habitat for birds and many other small animals.

Waterfalls and streams, whether in conjunction with a pond or not, are easy to build and make a great family project.

When building waterfalls and streams water flow is important in order to obtain satisfactory appearances. Generally backyard waterfalls and streams require 36 gallons per minute per foot of width. So if the width is 12 inches you should have 36 GPM or 2160 GPH.

Item #
Atlantic Pump Vault Extension16.5w x 15.5 h- 14inch exention
$ 158.67
Atlantic Pump Vault 18w x 24 h-10000gph max- 14in opening
$ 272.00
Atlantic Pump Vault 23 w x 30 h -15000 gph max- 18in opening
$ 406.00