Pond Master Pro 5000

Pond Skimmers or Pond Surface Skimmers are a very beneficial addition to any pond filtration system and greatly reduce maintenance. While they come in many sizes and variations they all serve the same fundamental purpose, that is remove floating debris from the water service before they sink and clog other components of the filtration system. A sort of mechanical prefilter that removes leaves, pollen, whirly birds and anything else that falls from the sky. They are easy to install and hide but should be placed on the opposite side or end of a waterfall, or other water outlet, to provide good water circulation. A cluttered pond surface is unhealthy and unsitely.

The Pond Master Pro 5000 Skimmer:

-Removes surface debris for ponds up to 500 sq. ft.

-Large adjustable 11" x 7" weir door

-Can fit up to two pumps

-Can accomodate most pumps up to a combined 8000 gph

-Large capacity clog resistant leaf basket.

-Maxiumum bulkhead placement versatility with fittings for 1 1/2" and 2" flex tubing.

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Item #
PM Pro 5000
$ 399.99