Flexible PVC Hose

Flexible PVC is an ideal solution for your pond or water garden. Since the hose does not kink readily you can run this hose underground quite easily.

The Flexible PVC can also be glued, making it the ideal solution for connecting your pumps, filters, skimmers or other filtration equipment.

Item #
Flexible PVC Hose 1/2 inch (per foot)
$ 1.95
Flexible PVC Hose 1 1/2 inch x 25 Feet
$ 129.52
Flexible PVC Hose 1 1/2 inch x 50 Feet
$ 188.60
Flexible PVC Hose 2 inch x 25 Feet
$ 191.75
Flexible PVC Hose 2 inch x 50 Feet
$ 280.06
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Black Vinyl Tubing

Heavy duty-thick walls prevent collapse or kinking Black in color for easy concealement US sizing-works with fittings for nylon tubing Black color inhibits algae growth Pricing is per foot

Flexible Kink Free Hose

High Quality Smooth Bore Corrugated, Flexible Hose Which Cannot Kink Optimized the Performance of your Barbed Fittings and Clamps Priced by the 100 ft roll