Wye Manifold 2 inch

Wye Manifold 2 inch

Item #
Wye Manifold 2 inch
$ 12.00
Two WMY200 Manifolds
$ 20.00
More PVC Adapters - Unions

2 Inch True Wye

2inch True Wye fitting. 2in slip socket all three ports. Required when splitting flow and needing equal distribution, or in systems where any port could be the feed port. True Wyes are available ONLY in 2in size.

90 Degree Sweeps

These high-quality sweeps are available in various sizes to suit the needs of your pond. Whether it's a small corner or a large corner, these bends will help you get the job done. Far less restrictive...(click on product image for more details)


These couplers are used to permanently join the ends of two pipes of the same size. They are slip x slip

Female Adapters

This adapter allows you to connect a male adapter to it or attaches to a male port on your pump.

Filter and Pump Unions

These filter and pump unions screw onto male threaded connections for easy removal of external plumbing for servicing or winterizing. They connect to external plumbing via a slip fitting.

Foot Valve Screen- 2 inch MPT

These screens make it easy to keep fish and debris from entering the output plumbing on your pond.

Gentle Wye 2 inch

PVC adapters and unions, as well as many other critical components of pond plumbing supplies, are listed in this section of our site. Many are hard to find but we try to make them conveniently available.

Hose Adapter FPT w Barb

These adapters convert male pipe threads MPT to barb fittings

Hose Adapters MPT w Barb

These adapters convert female pipe thread ( FPT ) to barb fittings.

Male Adapters

The Male Adapter is used to connect to a female threaded adapter or a female port on your pump.

Pump Unions

These unions screw into your pump on both the intake and exhaust ports for easy removal of your pump for service or winterizing. They connect to external plumbing via a slip fitting. PVC pump thread to slip.


Reducers are used to change from one pipe size to another.


These unions make removing or altering plumbing systems in ponds easy. They are ideal for removing components for service or draining systems for winterizing or other functions. Easy to install and very durable.

Reducing Bushings MPT w FPT

Reducing Bushings