MinnFinn A Revolutionary fish treatment that can effectively and safely treat a variety of fish diseases


-No Water Changes Required

-Non Cancer Causing Agents Used

-Increase Dissolved Oxygen

Are you ready for a non-toxic, biodegradable & neutralizable treatment for your Koi? The wait is over, here is MinnFinn. MinnFinn is the new product developed to be easy to use, effective at ridding most parasites and external bacterial infections, often in one treatment. Imagine being able to treat your pond, neutralize the treatment with NeuFinn and not have to worry about adding chemicals that are harmfull to “You”, the environment, your pond and possibly your fish over the long term. Many products available are not only toxic to you but also the environment. Do you really want to use a product that contains cancer causing agents like Formalin and Malachite Green? Until now there was no real alternative. MinnFinn now offers that alternative, no toxicity to you, no toxicity to the environment, no water changes and no worries.

Effective for the control of:
• PROTOZOAL PARASITES (Costia & Trichodina) • FLUKES • ICH
• EXTERNAL BACTERIAL INFECTIONS (bacterial gill disease, columnaris, mouth rot, and fin rot)

Item #
MinnFinn (2240 gallons)
$ 79.99