Medo Air Pumps

Medo aerators have about as much ambient noise as a light ballast, and consume very little energy. In an era where energy costs continue to rise dramatically, Medo air pumps have helped to drive down total costs of system ownership. Medo air pumps last longer, especially in hot, humid climates. Medo's unique linear free piston design has one moving part per piston - one. In properly installed and maintained wastewater systems, Medo piston aerators have an expected service life of 6+ years. A closer look within the Medo die cast aluminum housing reveals a pair of specially Teflon® treated pistons with extruded, hardened, and honed cylinders driven by highly efficient coils. The Medo, unified, heat sinking aluminum contruction enables a greater, quieter operating aerator life, year after year after year.

Medo Air Pump's linear-motor-driven free piston system has an internal piston inside the cylinder which is driven by an electro-magnet and spring system controlled by the alternating input current cycle. The piston thus forms a single combined structure of two usually different devices; motor and pump. The system is quiet and vibration free, and offers the advantages of easy maintenance and a long operating life.


* Energy Saving
* Quiet Technology
* Easy Maintenance
* No Lubrication Needed
* Completely Oil Less Operation
* Temperature Rise Restraint
* Energy Saving Design
Item #
Medo 45 LPM
$ 345.59
Medo 80 LPM
$ 466.69
Medo 100 LPM
$ 699.49
Medo 120 LPM
$ 732.89