Aquascape Statuary-Fountain Pumps

Submersible fountain, waterfall and filter pump

Aquascape Statuary and Fountain Pumps are perfect for running smaller decorative fountains.

These high quality, mag-drive or magnetically driven water pumps are ideal for supplying water to run fountains, water features, external filters, spitting ornaments and indoor or outdoor water fountains.


This combination of energy-efficient, mag-drive performance, and flow and ease of maintenance make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating water feature owners.

1) Mag-drive motor technology makes this pump energy efficient and simple to maintain

2) Included valve and/or flow control allows you to create a customized water flow

3) Protective pump input strainer cover prevents debris from

clogging or damaging pump, thereby reducing maintenance

4) The wide, flat shape base of the pump makes it stable and easy to place in the pond or fountain

5) Intake strainer on the bottom of the pump prevents the pump from running dry or pulling in air in shallow applications

These are basically set up for 1/2" tubing. They come with a straight piece and a curved piece that have a built it valve. They are VERY small. Suitable for craft projects or patio bowls that kind of thing. They are not set up to attach to our fountain heads. They also have short cords only 6' long and low head heights.

Available Pumps

91023 - 70 GPH Statuary Pump

91024 -90 GPH Statuary Pump

91025 - 180 GPH Statuary Pump

91026 - 320 GPH Statuary Pump

Item #
91023 P
$ 15.18
91024 P
$ 18.38
91025 P
DP 140
$ 26.38
91026 P
DP 250
$ 35.98