Our complete line of Waterway

Waterway Tiny Might Pond Pump

The Tiny Might Pump is one of they hardest working small external pumps on the market today. It runs on a 1/16 HP motor that produces an amazing 1,180 gph at 4 feet.. It uses only 0.8 amps, 92 watts,...(click on product image for more details)

Waterway Iron Might Pond Pump

The Iron Might pump includes all the features if the Tiny Might pump but has a 1/8 HP motor that delivers 2,400 gph at 7 feet of head, while only using 1.3 amps (150 watts) Not weather proof-protect...(click on product image for more details)


Waterway Tiny Might and Iron Might external pumps are an excellent choice for low head pond applications, waterfalls and fountains. They are ideal for Koi Ponds with there very low power consumption and near silent operation.