Pond Builder Kits

The PondBuilder Serenity Pond Kit supports ponds up to 100 sqft. (approx. 1,000 gal). Often installs professionally in 1-2 days for less than $3,000 making it a low-cost starter pond perfect for small garden ponds with a few fish and plants. This Minimal installation time makes the Serenity Pond Kits great for a weekend project for you DiY types.


Fish-Friendly Rubber Liner 45mil

Protective Underliner

Serenity™ Mechanical Skimmer

Serenity™ Biological Waterfall

PondBuilder™ Clear Water Pump

Check Valve Assembly

1.5” PVC Flex Pipe (16’)

Starter Bacteria

Complete Instructions

Four Color Packaging

Item# PB1205 PB1212

Max Pond Size 6' x 8' 8' x 11'

Liner Size 10' x 12' 12' x 15'

Approx. Pond Gallons 550 gallons 1000 gallons

Pump Flow Rate 1800 gph 1800 gph

PVC Flex Pipe 1.5" x 16' 1.5" x 16'

Item #
Pond Builder 550 Gallons
$ 949.98
Pond Builder 1000 Gallons
$ 999.99