GCTek AlphaOne

More than a bead filter!! The AlphaONE system uses a mixed media system. The media comes in two shapes mixed together and as the media nests together in it's pack, tremendous amounts amounts of solids can be trapped without going anaerobic. The solids are easily dispersed when the media agitator is engaged and flushed out when backwashing.

The AlphaBioONE media was specially desingned for this filter. Each shape has specially desingned ridges around the outside to promote benefical bacteria growth, but are not long enough to cause the media to interlock. Interlocking media, used on some filters, does not come apart when agitated making it less efficient in giving up solids and therefore much more difficult and less efficient in backwashing.

The internals are slightly different than the AquaBead filters. They are designed to give maximum flow, the least maintenance and the lowest possible head loss of any filter of this type. Many people report much quicker cycling times than other bead filters.

AlphaOne filters also have a life support system whereby you can inject air into the filter during medical bypass or pump failure. Beads are jently tumbled by your pond air pump providing necessary oxygen to beneficial bacteria until flow is resumed.

AquaBead and AlphaONE filters now come with 2 HP Media
Agitators and large 2” sight glasses.

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Item #
GC AlphaOne 1.75 Filter-3000GPH 2500 gal Max Pond Size
$ 1799.95
GC AlphaOne 2.5 Filter- 4200 Gph 5000 Gal. Max Pond Size TR50
$ 2069.95
GC AlphaOne 4.25 Filter- 5400 Gph 10000 Gal. Max Pond Size TR60
$ 2249.95
GC AlphaOne 6.0 Filter- 7200 Gph 17000 Gal. Max Pond Size TR100
$ 2654.95
GC AlphaOne 10.0 Filter- 10800 Gph 25000 Gal. Max Pond Size
$ 3505.50