Filter Pump UV Combo

Bio Wave Filters

The Bio Wave Filter is a high quality, energy efficient, and high performing filter.

The Bio Wave Filter is designed to preserve the delicate useful bacteria during backwash, and to provide a large surface area for the bacteria to live and flourish.

The Bio Wave Filter utilizes a special backwashing technique using a blower system that agitates the water to produce tumbling during backwash. The blower pushes air into the water to cause each individual Bio Wave Media to mix and tumble. This results in cleaning old bio flocks that are attached to each piece while preserving the useful bacteria within the filter. The Bio Wave Filter backwashes remarkably with any low amperage pump.

Bio Wave 3-Pack System

Looking for a system that is already plumbed with the right pump, UV and filter? The Bio Wave 3 pack pond kits are a great solution. Taking up very little space with the three major components all on the included small 2 foot by 3 foot platform.

Most of the PVC plumbing has been done for you. When the packages arrive, remove them and connect the unions of the pipes to the equipment. That's it! Its simple to see why the 3-pack pond filtering kits are so popular.

Item #
Bio Wave 1200 Pond Kit
$ 1999.00
Bio Wave 2500 Pond Kit
$ 2295.00
Bio Wave 6000 Pond Kit
$ 2595.00
Bio Wave 8000 Pond Kit
$ 3495.00