Hikari Silkworm Selects

Silkworm Selects offers your koi the highly desirable benefits of silkworm without the negative impacts common with other silkworm-type products.

•A uniquely balanced treat for koi using a centuries old traditional ingredient.
•Proprietary process reduces chances of silkworm oxidation.
•Adds weight rapidly while improving sheen and luster.
•Heightened lipid and protein levels.
•A flavor even the most finicky koi will love.

HIK07642: Silkworm Selects 17.6oz medium pellet

Hikari® Koi Foods are one of the most popular and reliable koi diets in Japan. Among Japanese Koi professionals and hobbyists no other food has the longstanding reputation, proven performance or market domininance.

Hiakari Koi Foods use all natural ingredients and provide many food choices that provide optimal health, growth rates,coloration and energy.

Hikari, the "originator" of premium aquatic diets has been copied by many, but equaled by none.

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Hikari Silk Worm Selects 17.6oz
$ 16.29
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Yamato Nishiki

Wait until you read this ingredients list and see all that high quality protein. How can they do it and keep the price reasonable? This is a protein array that's not matched by any other food on the...(click on product image for more details)