Helix Pond Skimmer

Helix Skimmer - A new concept in pond skimmer versatility, the Helix combines fish safe skimming in a small footprint, with room to spare for options like auto-fills, overflows, and additional mechanical filtration. Designed to work with either external or submersible pumps, the Helix is quickly becoming the first choice in pond skimmers. Helix skimmers and accessories are available for immediate shipping.

The fish friendly unit will keep your fish, frogs and other visitors out of your pump. This new skimmer that blazed on the scene of the pond and water garden world: the Helix.

The Helix combines the best of European skimmer features, koi skimmers and water garden products

The floating pre-filter makes frog and fish obstructions a thing of the past. It truly is a safe skimmer for fish and other marine life.

The Helix is heavy-duty and easy to conceal in the landscape. It is user-friendly for submersible and external pump applications and can handle flow rates of 1,500-8,000 gallons per hour.

The Helix can be used for water gardens, koi ponds, lakes and hybrid ponds, and it is equipped with stainless-steel hardware so you do not have to worry about the hardware rusting if you need to salt your pond.

New Helix Pond Skimmers


· 35” Tall x 19” Wide x 18” Long

· Wide Range of Flow Rates From 1500 to 8000 Gallons Per Hour

· 12” Wide Opening, 15” Weir

· Fish Safe

· External or Submersible Pump

· Heavy Duty Rotational Molded HDPE Construction

Each unit comes standard with the following items;

· Separation Plate

· Large Durable Collection Basket

· 15” Diameter Floating Weir

· 2” Bulkhead

· 2” Male Pipe Adapter

· Mechanical Faceplate Attachment

· Stainless Steel Hardware

Planning a new pond, let us help by providing you with our handy pond planning calculator. Or, better yet, give us a call.

Item #
Helix Pad BL
Helix replacement pad- Blue
$ 19.00
Helix Pad GR
Helix replacement pad- Grey
$ 19.00
Helix O-Flow
Helix Overflow Kit
$ 27.00
Helix A-FILL
Helix Auto Fill Kit
$ 48.00
Helix Pond Skimmer
$ 499.99