Gift Certificates - New England Koi

Gift Certificates are the perfect accessory for any pond. You don't have to measure, cut or trim, and they ship very easily too.

You can make them for any amount you wish in one-dollar increments, and we can send them to you direct, or you can specify who you would like us to send them to. Though handing them out to your friends is probably a whole lot more fun!

Questions and Answers about New England Koi and Pond Supply Gift Certificates:

Q: How do I specifiy the amount I wish to purchase

A: Simply choose the dollar amount you wish by selecting either the Fifty, or Hundred dollar value..

Q: How do I redeem my Gift Certificate

A: Simply give us a call, place your order and give us the amount of the Gift Certificate, we'll take it from there! Gift Certificates can not be redeemed on-line.

Q: Is there an expiration date

A: Not at all! They are valid until the day you wish use them.

Item #
New England Koi Gift Certificate (Fifty)
$ 50.00
New England Koi Gift Certificate (Hundred)
$ 100.00