GCTek Plus Systems

The AquaBead or AlphaONE PLUS System(tm) can be completely assembled, plumbed and mounted on a durable, all weather pad that is ready to install when you receive it. Now, that's easy. How easy, as easy as hooking up an AquaBead/AlphaONE filter by itself. Now all PLUS systems come complete with the Zap PRO High Output UV

In a space of 36" X 48" for the 3 smaller units and a space of 48" X 72" for the 2 larger units you can have a filtration system that can take care of your entire pond.

INTRUDUCING the newest Plus System- 1.75 Filter, ZPPRO UV, 3/4 HP 2speed pump.

Item #
GCTek Plus System 1.75-Max Pond Size 2500 Gal.
$ 3235.95
GCTek Plus System 2.5- Max Pond Size 5000 Gal.
$ 3802.95
GCTek Plus System 4.25- Max Pond Size 10000 Gal.
$ 4022.95
GCTek Plus System 6.0- Max Pond Size 17000 Gal.
$ 4519.95
GCTek Plus System 10.0- Max Pond Size 25000 Gal.
$ 5328.95
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GC Tek Mega 3inch System

Pond filtration technology never stands still and neither do we. With the industry moving forward with 3" pumps it was time for us to offer not only a filter that could handle the flows of the 3" pumps but...(click on product image for more details)