AquaBead Filtration Systems

All of the AquaBead filters utilize the AquaSwirl internal Vortex spinning design that spins heavier solids to the center of the bottom of the vessel. Why do we want to spin the solids to the center of the vessel? Our goal is to have a filter that doesn't load up with solids. When a filter "loads up" it ceases to perform at its peak. Our goal then is to spin the heavier solids to the center where a calm area exists.

The solids wait there until the operator opens the AquaBead Sludge Drain Valve. This is opened with the pump running, which causes the solids to be purged out to waste under pressure from the pump. This unique feature of the AquaBead enables it be an extremely efficient filter, because an efficient filter doesn't hold solids, it gets rid of them. Opening the valve for just a few seconds is all that is needed. The specially chosen union ball valve is designed so that in a few years should the ball valve seize up, it can easily be removed and cleaned or just replace the worn parts. No need to get out the hacksaw and start cutting with the AquaBead. We have designed it to provide customer satisfaction not only when new, but down the road when servicing is needed.

Bead filters are close to perfect, some more than others, but one problem no one has addressed until now is, how to keep the bacteria alive in the filter in case you need to do a medical bypass or in case your pump should fail you.

The AquaBead conquers this dilemma with the AquaBead Life Support System. This life support system known as "ALISS" will keep the bacteria alive indefinitely. On the front of the multiport valve is a special one way valve that will allow air in, but keep water from seeping out.

With the water pump shut down, just slip an airline from your koi pond air pump onto the barbed fitting on the front of the Multiport valve and life giving oxygen is pumped into the tank for the bacteria to survive, while the beads are gently being tumbled within the filter to make sure all of the bacteria get a "breath of fresh air". This eliminates the need to have to "cycle" the filter again.

AquaBead and AlphaONE filters now come with 2 HP Media
Agitators and large 2” sight glasses.

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AquaBead Bio-Filtration Systems

Item #
GC 1.75 Bead Filter-3000 GPH 2500 gal Max Pond Size
$ 1799.95
GC 2.5 Bead Filter- 4200 Gph 5000 Max Pond Size
$ 2069.95
GC 4.25 Bead Filter- 5400 Gph 10000 Gal. Max Pond Size
$ 2249.95
GC 6.0 Bead Filter- 7200 Gph 16000 Gal Max Pond Size
$ 2654.95
GC 10.0 Bead Filter- 10800 Gph 25000 Gal. Max Pond Size
$ 3505.50