Blackwater Creek Premium


Formulated to grow and maintain fish in top condition. High protein fish meal-based diet contains absolutely no fillers. Floating fish food that contains 38% protein, 8% fat, and 4% fiber. Staple diet with ingredients of: fish meal, plant & animal protein products, dried yeast culture, fish oil, and multiple vitamins & minerals

Water Temp
in °(F)
Feeding Quantity Food Type
less than50 Do not feed Koi Temps. at 10° C of more than one month may require supplemental feedings of low protein high carbohydrate.
50-55 2-3 times a week
(if Koi are hungry)
High carbohydrate, low protein, laxative type foods.
Wheat germ, squash, lettuce & brown bread.
56-59 4-5 times per week
(if Koi are hungry)
Add low protein (25%) pellets along with vegetables.
Increase quantities gradually as temp. increases.
60 Once per day six days a week Low protein (25%) pellets along with high carbohydrate vegetables and fruit.
60-64 Once or twice per day everyday Gradually increase protein in pellets (35%) and quantity of pellets. Vary diet with vegetables and fruits.
65-72 Once or twice per day Bulk of diet should be 35% protein pellets.
Add fruits, vegetables and plankton for variety.
73 & up 3-4 times a day High protein pellets (35% to 40%) with color enhancers. Add plankton, vegetables, fruits and shrimp.
Item #
Black Water Creek Premium Medium Pellet 5lb
$ 24.99
Black Water Creek Premium Medium Pellet 40lb
$ 109.99
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