Auto Matic Dosing System

AutoMatic Dosing System

Eliminate the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to any pond or water garden. This system accurately applies treatments to your pond. It helps maintain optimum water quality. The unit is easy to use and program. It is dependable and quiet. Each treatment will treat a 2000 gallon pond for up to 30 days.

There are 4 treatments you can purchase to use with your system.

MAINTAIN: Keeps ponds clear, reduces maintenance, and helps prevent fish loss

CLEAN: Reduces organic debris, contains powerful sludge eating bacteria and enzymes, reduces maintenance by cleaning filter media.

CLEAR: Eliminates unsightly water conditions. Clears discolored water, can be used in ponds with fish and plants

PROTECT: Reduces fish stress in spring after a cleanout. Completely natural, safe for fish and plants

Item #
Maintain Treatment
$ 29.98
Clean Treatment
$ 29.98
Clear Treatment
$ 29.98
Protect Treatment
$ 29.98
AutoMatic Dosing System
$ 129.98