Aqua Ultraviolet Viper

When performance matters the Viper Series 400 Watt UV Sterilizer delivers the highest UV outputs and flow rates at a fraction of the size. The Viper Series is designed for maximum performance, power, and reliability.

The Viper series replaces multiple lamp units with a single high out put lamp reducing space required for installation. Ultraviolet is a proven dependable and effective method of controlling algae and harmful bacteria without leaving any residuals in the water.

Aqua Ultraviolet utilizes the highest quality components designed to work perfectly together maximizing kill rates and insuring ease of installation and maintenance.

Stainless Steel Housings

Item #
AS90420 W
Aqua Ultraviolet Viper 2 inch Plastic
$ 2274.84
Aqua Ultraviolet Viper 2 inch Stainless
$ 2882.31
Aqua Ultraviolet Viper 3 inch Stainless
$ 2967.98