Aqua UV Statuary Spitter

The Aqua Frog and Aqua Fish are unique. They are a UV lamp and Spitter all in one. They can sit on the edge of any pond and give you crystal clear water. Each unit contains a special ultaviolet lamp surrounded by a quartz sleeve to ensure your pond will stay clear. The Aqua Frog and Aqua Fish UVs can be connected to any submersible pump or existing filter for easy installation. Safety is important to us, therefore all Aqua Frogs and Fish are UL and cETL listed. Each has a 15 ft electrical cord. These units are outfitted with two 3/4 inch inlets, one in the front and one in the back so you can place either unit at any angle. Both units have a barb fitting so you can connect to either a 3/4 or 1/2 inch hose. A 2 inch cleanout on the bottom allows for easy removal of unwanted debris.

These units will work as either a Sterilizer or Clarifier,

Model :

8 Watt - For Ponds up to 200 gal (Sterilizer) Ponds up to 1500 gal (Clarifier)

15 Watt - For Ponds up to 500 gal (Sterilizer) Ponds up to 2000 gal (Clarifier)

25 Watt - For Ponds up to 1200 gal ( Sterilizer) Ponds up to 3200 gal (Clarifier)

Item #
Aqua Fish 8 watt
$ 280.00
Aqua Frog 8 watt
$ 280.00
Aqua Fish 15 Watt
$ 304.50
Aqua Frog 15 Watt
$ 304.50
Aqua Fish 25 Watt
$ 409.50
Aqua Frog 25 Watt
$ 409.50