18 inch Globe Feed above water

How deep does the water need to be? The stand is 12 inches tall and needs to be one or two inches below the surface of the water. For shallow water, the stand can be made shorter by cutting the legs (leaving at least 6 inches). For deeper water, a platform can be built or place a cinder block under the stand.

Does the water get hot in the sphere? The temperature can be different by a couple of degrees up or down depending on the weather conditions. If the temperature is uncomfortable to the fish they won’t go in the sphere at that time..

Does the water circulate in the sphere? Yes, when the fish go in and out they displace water, also the water circulates by the change of temperatures & natural water movement.

How often should the sphere be cleaned? No more than once a week, twice a month should be normal. Depending on the amount of algae that grows in the pond.

What should I clean my sphere with? Soft Scrub or a non-scratching sponge. White vinegar mixed with 50% water works great for cleaning. CLR or simple green also works well.

What is the Hot Spot? This happens outside the sphere and will not harm the fish. The larger the sphere makes understanding the hot spot more important. At just the proper angle, the sun magnifies the sphere (just like what happens when using a magnifying glass), the area 6 to 14 inches around the sphere. Early morning and late evening sun is of most concern. Once the angle is great enough the spot will fall into the water and become harmless. This is a pinpoint event and must not be allowed to hit anything that can melt or be caught on fire. The Add-A-Sphere®truly magnifies your fish inside the sphere for spectacular viewing. Please be careful this is explained in the manual along with not putting the sphere over your head or misusing this product.

How does the food get into the sphere? Attach feeder device to the pole and fill with a floating fish food. Dip the feeder with food under the waterline. The lid will open when the handle hits the lip of the sphere releasing the floating food.

What type of food is best? Floating fish food.

Can the sphere be in the sun? Yes, but you must understand about the hot spot. See question about (What is the hot spot).

What is the sphere made of? UV-resistant Acrylic Plastic.

Why do the fish look so big when in the sphere? The sphere magnifies the fish 2 to 3 times their actual size.

Why do the fish use the sphere? This is a very interesting question. They can warm or cool their bodies by using the sphere, depending on the time of day and the season. To me, it also seems they like being able to look outside of their pond. Once your fish start using the Add-A-Sphere®you will be able to start bonding with your fish, in other words, they become more like pets. We started naming ours after getting such close up looks of them.

What does the Add-A-Sphere®do? It brings your fish above the water line for spectacular viewing.

How can the sphere be replaced? You can order a replacement sphere or parts using your retailer or online.

How is the sphere filled with water? After placing the sphere on the stand, insert the air-vacuum pole and blow a puff of air into the pole to eliminate the water inside the pole, then hold a wet-dry vacuum hose next to the cleared air-vacuum pole and turn on the vacuum. This will suck the air out of the sphere and draw the water up into the sphere.

How is the sphere emptied? Using the air-vacuum pole, place it inside the sphere and blow a puff of air and the sphere will empty.

What does the underwater light do? A spot light placed underneath the Add-A-Sphere®will give amazing nighttime viewing.

Can frogs or turtles use the sphere? Yes, but they will die if the air pocket is still in the top of the sphere. After you have trained the fish by feeding them inside the sphere, fill the sphere all the way to the top with water so they will not try breathing at the top of the sphere and will exit.

Can you see medical issues with the sphere? Yes, many sphere owners have told us how they were able to spot problems their fish were having by seeing them up close and magnified. Many have also dispensed medication directly into the sphere to treat their medical conditions.

What size sphere should I choose? Be sure to choose a size 2 to 4 inches bigger than your largest fish and remember to allow for growth. Also, the size of your pond would determine that as well.

How do you keep algae from building up inside the sphere?

Unfortunately you can’t prevent it. By using the normal measures in your pond like Barley straw extract, etc. it does keep it down. The sphere usually needs cleaning every 2-3 weeks. It only takes minutes with a non-abrasive sponge. But, I will say everyone who has one says it’s a small inconvenience for the amount of pleasure they get from seeing their fish up close and personal.

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18 inch add a sphere
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